Part-Time Rick Perry planning to abandon Texas

On a plane with reporters yesterday, Part-Time Rick Perry admitted that he has personal ambition even bigger than Texas, refusing to commit to Texans that he wouldn’t leave the governor’s office after two years to run for president.

Perry said it would be “premature” to make any statements about what he would be doing in the future, saying, “I don’t ever take anything off the table.”

Perry also announced on Friday that right after the election, he will be staging a national book tour to promote his national profile.

Perry also announced on Friday that right after the election, he will be staging a national book tour to promote his national profile.

Texans have seen for months that Part-Time Perry is in it for himself, not our great state. He drains taxpayers of money for his expensive rental mansion, lavish and unnecessary travel, and spends more time promoting himself for national reporters than he does dealing with issues important to Texans.

Texans deserve a governor who’s focused on issues important to our great state, and not focused on raising his national profile before abandoning our state to run for president.

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Rick Perry is abusing Texas taxpayers

Rick Perry abuses Texas taxpayers in many different ways. He works eight hours a week, lives in an extravagant rental mansion on public money and travels extravagantly.

Perry has also turned state government into a self-serving political machine. He has helped his biggest campaign donors get millions in Texas taxpayer money from the Texas Enterprise Fund and the Emerging Technology Fund. Last week, Texans learned that Perry’s appointees to the Teacher Retirement System, which is in charge of investing educators retirement money, were overruling career staffers and outside consultants to funnel TRS investments to Perry’s biggest campaign donors.

Perry has also turned state government into a self-serving political machine. He has helped his biggest campaign donors get millions in Texas taxpayer money from the Texas Enterprise Fund and the Emerging Technology Fund. Last week, Texans learned that Perry’s appointees to the Teacher Retirement System, which is in charge of investing educators retirement money, were overruling career staffers and outside consultants to funnel TRS investments to Perry’s biggest campaign donors.

This abuse of state government must end. Check out this editorial cartoon from the Austin American-Statesman highlight Rick Perry’s abuse of Texas payers:

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Perry has failed to secure our borders for 10 years

For 10 years Rick Perry has failed to secure the border and he thinks election-year rhetoric is a replacement for actual results.  Perry even uses the same footage for his border security commercials election after election.

Under Rick Perry, his department of public safety cleared the records of sex offenders after they were deported. It was only after Bill White’s office confronted Perry’s DPS about this dangerous policy that it was finally reversed.

Under Rick Perry, his department of public safety even allowed drug traffickers to keep valid Texas drivers licenses!

It’s time Texas had a governor who will take responsibility and provide real leadership to secure the border. Unless you want to see the same recycled border ads from Part-Time Perry in four years, make sure to get your friends and family out to vote to help elect Bill White the next governor of Texas. Click here to find an early vote location near you.

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Bill White won’t live in Part-Time Perry’s fancy rental mansion

One of Bill White’s first moves as governor will be to move out of the expensive rental mansion Part-TIme Perry has charged Texas taxpayers for.

Bill White has promised to spend taxpayer money wisely. “It will start when I move, on the first day that I’m sworn into office, out of that fancy rental mansion into a double-wide trailer,” White said in Tyler yesterday. “Where I come from, fiscal conservatism means you don’t waste money on yourself.”

The Associated Press article notes, “Costs associated with Perry’s spacious rental home, including a now-expired subscription to Food & Wine Magazine, have been the subject of campaign television ads, a spoof Perry rap video on YouTube and plenty of media attention. The house has five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a gourmet kitchen and three dining rooms.”

Texas taxpayers are fed up with paying for Part-Time Perry’s fancy mansion and extravagant lifestyle. Over the years he’s lived in the rental mansion, Perry has cost Texas taxpayers over $600,000 in bills in addition to the cost of rent.

Texans deserve a governor who will be careful with taxpayer money and understands that leadership starts at the top.

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Part-Time Perry’s TRS scandal

It seems there is one thing that Part-Time Perry will work hard at: helping his friends and contributors.

In a new smoking-gun memo, a whistle-blower reveals that hundreds of millions of dollars from the Teacher Retirement System (TRS) were steered by Perry’s appointed Board of Trustees to certain companies over the objections of professional financial analysts. Who are these companies, you ask? Companies owned and operated by major donors like Gary Peterson, who has given Rick Perry $400,000 in campaign contributions and whose investment company was paid $4,279,287 in fees by the TRS fund.

The appointed Chairman of the Board was none other than Jim Lee, a gambler who racked up six-figure debts in Vegas and the Perry campaign’s statewide finance co-chair.

The TRS, which safeguards the savings of more than 1.2 million current and retired teachers in the state of Texas, has close to $100 billion in assets, but under Perry’s watch the formerly well-run fund has found itself with $21.6 billion in unfunded liabilities. Don’t Texas teachers deserve better than having their retirement savings handed out to Perry cronies by the governor’s compulsive gambler finance chair?

With all the damage Perry and his appointees have managed to do in Texas, maybe it is a good thing he works only seven hours a week.

For a full run down of the scandal, click here.

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Texans don’t appreciate Perry’s silence

Part-Time Rick Perry has been refusing to answer questions about his record. He runs away from debating Bill White and he runs away from Texas’s newspapers.

Texans are not impressed. Here’s a sample of letters to the editor appearing in newspapers across the Lone Star state:

San Antonio Express-News, It’s a job interview: Both Gov. Rick Perry and challenger Bill White tout their business savvy as a reason to be elected, in effect, CEO of Texas. As any good business person will tell you, in order tobe hired for a job, you first provide a résumé and then conduct an interview. Those of us doing thehiring (voters) have yet to see résumés, and Perry has refused to participate in an interview. How can voters be expected to make a well-informed decision without all the facts in hand? Perry cites White’s refusal to provide various tax documents. That would make a good question at the debate along with questions regarding the looming $18 billion-plus budget shortfall. The people doing the hiring might want to know what specific actions will be taken to shore up our statewide economy. It’s one thing to lead the state when the economy is humming along. Perry really doesn’t have anything in his background to indicate he is capable of getting Texas through this storm. Stop the smokescreen. Texans deserve much better from a governor. — Mitch, San Antonio

Austin American-Statesman, The real Rick Perry: Despite his unwillingness to debate or be interviewed by newspaper editors, Rick Perry consistently reveals, bit by bit, his true nature. The latest example is the ad where he states that he “confronted President Obama” with his border initiative. Oooh … scary! In reality, he gave his border initiative to one of the president’s aides. Some confrontation. All this says about Perry is that, at best, he exaggerates the truth. When I was growing up, we referred to that as lying. — Bronson, Austin

Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Texas governor’s race: I’m concerned because Rick Perry won’t answer questions such as: How did a career politician living off taxpayers for the last 25 years become a millionaire who bills a $10,000-a-month rental mansion to Texans? Why would Texas’ governor work less than 10 hours a week on state business when the state is facing an unprecedented $18 billion budget hole? What makes Perry think it’s OK to give $16 million in Texas taxpayer dollars to companies tied to his biggest donors? Texans deserve answers to these questions. Why won’t Gov. Perry answer honestly? We deserve more from our government, Texas. Vote for Bill White for governor. — Jodie, Bedford

The Houston Chronicle, the largest newspaper in Texas, recently summed up Perry’s fears in a cartoon:

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The Dallas Morning News published an investigation today that leaves little doubt that Perry is selling state government and turned the governor’s office into a political machine to make himself and his donors rich.

Today, Texans learned that Rick Perry ignored the rules to give his close friend and big campaign donor $4.5 million in taxpayer dollars. The company was rejected by experts but Perry’s friend appealed and he was awarded the money.

Rick Perry’s family owned stock in a company that was controlled by that very same friend and donor who received the $4.5 million handout.

Perry’s spokeswoman tried to cover-up this breaking corruption by saying that even though experts rejected the subsidy, there could be an appeal to higher authorities. The Dallas Morning News rejected this argument saying, “The law makes no mention of such appeals.”

Walt Trybula, a nanotechnology expert at Texas State University who reviews tech fund applications for the Austin regional board, said the ability to appeal would undermine the process. ”If you’ve got a way to go around a review committee,” he said, “why do you have a review committee?”

The appropriate authorities need to investigate Perry’s public corruption and the growing cover-up occurring in the governor’s office as they scramble to insulate themselves from criminal charges.

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Perry slammed by newspapers across Texas

Rick Perry refuses to answer questions from Texas newspapers, and newspapers are letting their readers know what they think about Perry’s silence, cronyism, and 25 years as a career politician. Here are some highlights from around the state:

Beaumont Enterprise: Rick Perry? He won’t debate his opponent. He endorsed secession at a Tea Party rally. He grumbles about border security even though he’s been governor for 10 years. He repeatedly embarrasses Texas before the rest of the country instead of promoting this great state. Worse, he’s out of touch with regular voters. His scornful attitude toward them is, “Here I am; take it or leave it.” He is the opposite of a politician who holds sincere views but you might respect even if you disagree with him. Texas can do better. With Bill White as governor, we will.

Hays Free Press: Our current governor’s long tenure means he has appointed every one of nigh on to a thousand state boards and commissions. It’s a lucrative sideline enterprise for Governor Perry. Magically almost, millions of dollars in “contributions” have been raised for his re-election campaign from scores of these same appointees. His total take from these sources, according to verified analysis, is $17.1 million. It’s a sophisticated method of funding political campaigns that is sleazy at its worst and just plain cronyism at its best. Most fortunately for those who have rightfully had it with a governor who flaunts and abuses the power of the political pulpit he occupies, there are several alternatives to re-electing the pride of Spanish toll-road promoters.

Corpus Christi Caller-Times: [Perry] hasn’t accomplished much beyond electability. The Austin American-Statesman, in its editorial endorsing White, convincingly attributed Texas’ economic strength to previous administrations, going all the way back to Dolph Briscoe’s championing of the farm-to-market road network. Perry’s memorable transportation foray was the Trans-Texas Corridor highway plan that died in a hail of justifiable opposition from landowners and just about anyone who doesn’t like paying tolls.

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Club Rick

Part-Time Rick Perry has turned Texas government into a self-serving political machine.

  • An analysis showed Perry had squeezed his appointees for $17 million in campaign cash as of June, and now he has raised $790,000 more from appointees in the last three months.
  • With the Emerging Technology Fund, Perry funneled $16 million in taxpayer dollars to companies tied to his top campaign donors.
  • With the Texas Enterprise Fund, Perry handed out $35 million in taxpayer dollars to companies tied to his top campaign donors.
  • Perry abused the Teacher Retirement System as $6 million in fees were delivered to funds controlled by Perry campaign donors. Perry appointed a known gambler to head the TRS.

    Texans deserve a governor who is working for us, not his friends and campaign donors. Perry’s corruption has also led him to believe that he doesn’t need to answer questions from Texans. The Austin American-Statesman slammed Rick Perry in an editorial cartoon focusing on the fact that in Rick Perry’s Texas, only some people are invited to the table.

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    Rick Perry’s Secret Schedules

    Today, the Bill White campaign released a video that highlights Rick Perry has been hiding a secret schedule — his real schedule — from Texas taxpayers. It’s illegal to hide documents like this under the Texas Public Information Act.

    Just a few minutes ago, Rick Perry admitted that the governor’s office had been creating a secret schedule and hiding it from Texans.

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    Part-Time Perry’s 2010 Schedule

    Today, it was uncovered that Part-Time Perry has been keeping a secret schedule that he hides from Texas taxpayers. The governor’s office accidentally released the full schedule for September 15th of this year, which shows Rick Perry appears to be using state resources for campaign purposes.

    Texans are fed up with Perry’s blatant deceit and abuse of the governor’s office. It’s time for a new governor who knows what it means to be a public servant.

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    Part-Time Governor Rick Perry is finding time to sell the governor’s office to his donors

    In Rick Perry’s Texas, campaign contributions to the governor gets you Texas taxpayer funded subsidies.

    This week, a Dallas Morning News investigation revealed that Perry has used his Emerging Technology Fund to funnel $16 million to companies directly connected to his donors. Once the story broke, Perry immediately refused to release documents that detail his decision making process when have them taxpayer grants. Last week, watchdog group Texans for Public Justice uncovered that Perry has taken $17 million from people he then appointed to lucrative boards and commissions around the state.

    Texans do not accept Perry’s corruption. This morning, University of North Texas’ newspaper said Perry makes a “mockery of the governor’s office” and “wields his control through an elaborate stage setup of appointed cronies and shady practices.” Perry, the newspaper explains, is “one of the most narcissistic, power-abusing governors ” in Texas history who uses a “modern-day spoils system” to make himself rich.

    Meanwhile, Perry refuses to answer questions from newspaper editorial boards or stand up in front of Texans during a debate. Please take a few minutes and use our online tool to write a letter to the editor asking Part-Time Perry one of the questions he refuses to answer.

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