Who Will You Hire?

Part-Time Perry: In It for Himself
Career politician Rick Perry is so in it for himself, he’s lost sight of who he works for: Texas taxpayers.

Part Time Rick Perry thinks it’s acceptable to nearly double state spending, double state debt and ignore the $18 billion budget deficit he helped create. Meanwhile, Part Time Perry even thinks it’s acceptable to work less than 10 hours a week and take a full paycheck. Part Time Perry thinks it’s acceptable to stick taxpayers with a $10,000 a month bill for an extravagant rental mansion.

Texans deserve a governor who’s in it for Texas — and works full time!

Bill White: In It For Texas
Bill White is a successful businessman who knows how to control spending, balance budgets, and invest for the future. Most important, he understands what businesses need to create jobs. As Houston’s mayor, Bill White used his business skills to cut tax rates five straight years while helping the area become a national leader in job growth.

Bill White will work hard every day to prepare our state for the future by improving public schools and ensuring Texans have the skills and training they need to compete for good jobs. He’ll work to attract more high wage jobs, jobs with a future, and ensure Texas is globally competitive.