The Dallas Morning News published an investigation today that leaves little doubt that Perry is selling state government and turned the governor’s office into a political machine to make himself and his donors rich.

Today, Texans learned that Rick Perry ignored the rules to give his close friend and big campaign donor $4.5 million in taxpayer dollars. The company was rejected by experts but Perry’s friend appealed and he was awarded the money.

Rick Perry’s family owned stock in a company that was controlled by that very same friend and donor who received the $4.5 million handout.

Perry’s spokeswoman tried to cover-up this breaking corruption by saying that even though experts rejected the subsidy, there could be an appeal to higher authorities. The Dallas Morning News rejected this argument saying, “The law makes no mention of such appeals.”

Walt Trybula, a nanotechnology expert at Texas State University who reviews tech fund applications for the Austin regional board, said the ability to appeal would undermine the process. ”If you’ve got a way to go around a review committee,” he said, “why do you have a review committee?”

The appropriate authorities need to investigate Perry’s public corruption and the growing cover-up occurring in the governor’s office as they scramble to insulate themselves from criminal charges.

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