Time for respect

Yesterday, the Tyler Morning Telegraph, which Perry has called his favorite newspaper in Texas, slammed the 25-year incumbent above the banner for his refusal to answer questions.
“Your position to not visit with the editorial boards of Texas newspapers may be astute politically, but it demonstrates a disregard for newspaper readers and voters across the state, who deserve to hear substance rather than silence,” the editorial reads. “…We are facing what’s rumored to be the largest budget deficit and crisis in the history of our state - informed estimates of the budget shortfall range from $18 billion to $20 billion. Newspaper readers, whether Republicans, Democrats or Independents – deserve to hear your solutions to the staggering problems we will be facing as the legislative session begins.”

Moreover, Perry’s decision not to answer questions “demonstrates a disconnect with the voters.”
Last night, Part-Time Perry hid from Texas voters by not attending a debate in Houston. Perry’s handlers are trying to keep him from answering questions after weeks of gaffe’s and flip-flops.  Rick Perry is desperately hoping to run out the clock before this election without talking about his record 10 years as governor. Texans deserve better.

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Part-Time Perry finds time to raise $17 million from his appointees

An explosive report released today shows that Part-Time Perry’s campaigns received over $17 million dollars from 921 of his appointees or their spouses. “Gubernatorial appointees accounted for an impressive 21 percent of the $83.2 million that Perry’s campaign has raised since 2001,” the report from Texans for Public Justice explains.

Perry’s pay-to-play politics has spread to boards and commissions all across Texas. Perry’s favorite “appointee fishing hole” is the Parks and Wildlife Commission, from which he has bagged more than $2 million total and $118,477 per appointee.

Rick Perry has turned Texas state government into a self-serving partisan political machine. Texans deserve better.

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Part-Time Perry continues to duck questions

Part-Time Perry took his Washington-focused campaign to the National Conference of Editorial Writers yesterday, even as he refuses to meet with Texas newspaper editorial boards. Unfortunately for Perry, the NCEW didn’t care for Perry’s refusal to answer questions after delivering his stump speech to the group.

“The National Conference of Editorial Writers was stunned and disappointed today when you spoke at our luncheon and did not take questions,” NCEW President Tom Waseleski wrote in an open letter to Perry.

Waseleski explains that Perry clearly had time for questions, as he had time to “work the room by shaking hands both before and after your talk.” Perry talked with TV cameras in the hallway, “in full view of NCEQ members for whom you indicated you had no more time.” Waseleski wrote that Perry’s actions are “an affront to any notion of civil discourse.”

Waseleski concludes the letter by saying, “If you had hoped to make a positive impression on this national press group, I must tell you that you utterly failed.”

Part-time Perry’s refusal to answer questions from well-informed reporters could have been predicted. Perry has been avoiding accountability to Texans by refusing to debate his opponent or meet with Texas newspaper editorial boards. Texans deserve better.

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Reckless spending on international travel

Part-Time Perry is reckless with Texas taxpayer money and won’t shoot straight about his travel expenses. It was revealed yesterday that Perry’s June trip to Asia cost Texas taxpayers $129,000 for his security.

Just last week, Texans learned from an affidavit filed by a Department of Public Safety officer that the reason security costs so much for Rick Perry is because “it costs a lot to stay and eat in places where the Governor and his family go.”

Rick Perry paid for his personal travel and expenses to Asia with corporate cash funneled through a secretive non-profit organization run out of the governor’s office.  Perry has not released information about the expenses he racked up on the trip, but if history is an indication, he stayed somewhere fancy!

Part-Time Perry spends $10,000 a month on his rental mansion, not including costs for additional luxuries like his heated pool and $70 a year subscription to Food & Wine magazine.

Rick Perry needs to stop spending Texas taxpayers’ money like it’s his own. Every time Perry takes a fancy trip paid for by taxpayers, he proves to Texans that he’s in it for himself.

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Shooting straight on the budget

Part-Time Perry just won’t shoot straight with Texans about the budget.

In two interviews yesterday, Perry stuck his head in the sand and referenced only the possibility of a $10 billion or an $11 billion budget hole.

For months, members of both parties have agreed that the budget hole is at least $18 billion. Republican Joe Straus, the Speaker of the Texas House, said that the budget hole will be “at least $18 billion.”

Part-Time Perry’s attempts to deceive Texans about the budget are the latest example of how Part-Time Perry will do or say anything to get elected. The only way to deal with the budget hole is to be honest about the facts. Texans deserve honest leadership on the budget, not Part-Time Perry’s political games.

Today, the Bill White campaign released this video highlighting Part-Time Perry’s denial of the budget hole.

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A seat at the table

Part-Time Perry is holding a fundraising dinner for men. Blogger Rachel Farris revealed that Part-Time Perry sent out an invitation for a male-oriented fundraising dinner where the women would be joining afterwards.

“Guess who’s not coming to dinner? In an invitation circulating this week, Governor Rick Perry is inviting some of his closest, wealthiest friends to a ‘Wild Game’ dinner in Houston–just not their wives. The invitation from Perry’s State Finance Chair James H. Lee boasts an all-male host committee and encourages interested men to “share your views” with the Governor during an all-male dinner hour,” she wrote.

Part-Time Perry has a history of excluding Texans from conversations about the state’s future. He has allowed lobbyists to control the agenda in Austin – from his attempts to seize farmland for the Trans-Texas Corridor to requiring an HPV vaccine for middle school girls that would benefit his former chief of staff.

Texans deserve better.

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Part-Time Perry writes letter in Washington Post, ignores issues important to Texans

Yesterday, the Washington Post featured a letter from Part-Time Perry about the upcoming football season. Why is our part-time governor trying to get attention from the Washington Post when Texas faces a $21 billion budget deficit? Why won’t Rick Perry meet with Texas newspaper editorial boards about his record of nearly doubling state spending and doubling state debt?

Part-Time Perry would rather write commentary for Washington D.C. newspapers than be accountable to Texans. Part-Time Perry’s in it for himself.

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Dixie wins Part-Time Perry contest

At the beginning of August, Texans sent in guesses for how many hours Part-Time Perry was working that first week of the month. Now that official state schedules have been released for that week, we have a winner!

Dixie from Rockwall guessed 6 hours – and was right! Part-Time Perry continues to barely work as he ignores the $18 billion budget deficit.

Dixie said: “Even part-time was too much time for Perry to practice his cronyism in meddling with higher education appointments, shoving an untested vaccine on Texas children only to enrich former staffers’ bank accounts, and grabbing private family lands for a toll road to be built by a foreign investors. Just imagine how much more damage he would have inflicted on the citizens of Texas if he had actually worked full-time like the rest of us. It is most definitely time for a change!”

Texans deserve a governor who will work for them full-time.


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Part-Time Perry ignores $18 billion budget deficit

Part-Time Perry’s approach to the $18 billion budget deficit: ignoring it.

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A solution to excessive centralization, special interest power in Austin

Today, Bill White called for term limits on the office of the governor. Part-Time Perry has spent ten years in the Governor’s office, during which he has centralized power in Austin and represented special interests over the interests of Texans. He has spent the last 25 years in state government and is currently running for a third term.

Part-Time Perry is a career politician in it for himself. He won’t take questions from newspaper editorial boards and refuses to debate the issues important to Texans.

Perry has nearly doubled state spending, doubled state debt, and helped rack up an $18 billion budget deficit. It’s clear that Rick Perry isn’t focused on the priorities that matter to Texans anymore.

“Texas needs term limits to avoid excessive centralization of power in Austin and the use of power by special interests to entrench a governor in office,” said Bill White, in supporting a referendum on whether to limit the governor to two four-year terms.

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Why is Rick Perry hiding from Texas voters?

A supporter made this image to ask why Part-Time Perry won’t stand up in front of Texans and answer questions about his record.

Maybe he doesn’t want to answer questions about:

-The $18 billion budget deficit

-State spending nearly doubling under his watch

-State debt doubling under his watch

-His history of shady land deals that made him a millionaire

-Turning the governor’s office into a self-serving political machine that is focused on getting him re-elected, not serving Texans

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This week’s caption contest

Ever wonder what in the world Rick Perry is thinking? Here’s your chance to voice your best guesses. Send your captions to [email protected] The best captions will be posted next week!

This week’s photo:

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