Part-Time Governor Rick Perry is finding time to sell the governor’s office to his donors

In Rick Perry’s Texas, campaign contributions to the governor gets you Texas taxpayer funded subsidies.

This week, a Dallas Morning News investigation revealed that Perry has used his Emerging Technology Fund to funnel $16 million to companies directly connected to his donors. Once the story broke, Perry immediately refused to release documents that detail his decision making process when have them taxpayer grants. Last week, watchdog group Texans for Public Justice uncovered that Perry has taken $17 million from people he then appointed to lucrative boards and commissions around the state.

Texans do not accept Perry’s corruption. This morning, University of North Texas’ newspaper said Perry makes a “mockery of the governor’s office” and “wields his control through an elaborate stage setup of appointed cronies and shady practices.” Perry, the newspaper explains, is “one of the most narcissistic, power-abusing governors ” in Texas history who uses a “modern-day spoils system” to make himself rich.

Meanwhile, Perry refuses to answer questions from newspaper editorial boards or stand up in front of Texans during a debate. Please take a few minutes and use our online tool to write a letter to the editor asking Part-Time Perry one of the questions he refuses to answer.

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