Perry has failed to secure our borders for 10 years

For 10 years Rick Perry has failed to secure the border and he thinks election-year rhetoric is a replacement for actual results.  Perry even uses the same footage for his border security commercials election after election.

Under Rick Perry, his department of public safety cleared the records of sex offenders after they were deported. It was only after Bill White’s office confronted Perry’s DPS about this dangerous policy that it was finally reversed.

Under Rick Perry, his department of public safety even allowed drug traffickers to keep valid Texas drivers licenses!

It’s time Texas had a governor who will take responsibility and provide real leadership to secure the border. Unless you want to see the same recycled border ads from Part-Time Perry in four years, make sure to get your friends and family out to vote to help elect Bill White the next governor of Texas. Click here to find an early vote location near you.

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