Perry slammed by newspapers across Texas

Rick Perry refuses to answer questions from Texas newspapers, and newspapers are letting their readers know what they think about Perry’s silence, cronyism, and 25 years as a career politician. Here are some highlights from around the state:

Beaumont Enterprise: Rick Perry? He won’t debate his opponent. He endorsed secession at a Tea Party rally. He grumbles about border security even though he’s been governor for 10 years. He repeatedly embarrasses Texas before the rest of the country instead of promoting this great state. Worse, he’s out of touch with regular voters. His scornful attitude toward them is, “Here I am; take it or leave it.” He is the opposite of a politician who holds sincere views but you might respect even if you disagree with him. Texas can do better. With Bill White as governor, we will.

Hays Free Press: Our current governor’s long tenure means he has appointed every one of nigh on to a thousand state boards and commissions. It’s a lucrative sideline enterprise for Governor Perry. Magically almost, millions of dollars in “contributions” have been raised for his re-election campaign from scores of these same appointees. His total take from these sources, according to verified analysis, is $17.1 million. It’s a sophisticated method of funding political campaigns that is sleazy at its worst and just plain cronyism at its best. Most fortunately for those who have rightfully had it with a governor who flaunts and abuses the power of the political pulpit he occupies, there are several alternatives to re-electing the pride of Spanish toll-road promoters.

Corpus Christi Caller-Times: [Perry] hasn’t accomplished much beyond electability. The Austin American-Statesman, in its editorial endorsing White, convincingly attributed Texas’ economic strength to previous administrations, going all the way back to Dolph Briscoe’s championing of the farm-to-market road network. Perry’s memorable transportation foray was the Trans-Texas Corridor highway plan that died in a hail of justifiable opposition from landowners and just about anyone who doesn’t like paying tolls.

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