Texans don’t appreciate Perry’s silence

Part-Time Rick Perry has been refusing to answer questions about his record. He runs away from debating Bill White and he runs away from Texas’s newspapers.

Texans are not impressed. Here’s a sample of letters to the editor appearing in newspapers across the Lone Star state:

San Antonio Express-News, It’s a job interview: Both Gov. Rick Perry and challenger Bill White tout their business savvy as a reason to be elected, in effect, CEO of Texas. As any good business person will tell you, in order tobe hired for a job, you first provide a résumé and then conduct an interview. Those of us doing thehiring (voters) have yet to see résumés, and Perry has refused to participate in an interview. How can voters be expected to make a well-informed decision without all the facts in hand? Perry cites White’s refusal to provide various tax documents. That would make a good question at the debate along with questions regarding the looming $18 billion-plus budget shortfall. The people doing the hiring might want to know what specific actions will be taken to shore up our statewide economy. It’s one thing to lead the state when the economy is humming along. Perry really doesn’t have anything in his background to indicate he is capable of getting Texas through this storm. Stop the smokescreen. Texans deserve much better from a governor. — Mitch, San Antonio

Austin American-Statesman, The real Rick Perry: Despite his unwillingness to debate or be interviewed by newspaper editors, Rick Perry consistently reveals, bit by bit, his true nature. The latest example is the ad where he states that he “confronted President Obama” with his border initiative. Oooh … scary! In reality, he gave his border initiative to one of the president’s aides. Some confrontation. All this says about Perry is that, at best, he exaggerates the truth. When I was growing up, we referred to that as lying. — Bronson, Austin

Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Texas governor’s race: I’m concerned because Rick Perry won’t answer questions such as: How did a career politician living off taxpayers for the last 25 years become a millionaire who bills a $10,000-a-month rental mansion to Texans? Why would Texas’ governor work less than 10 hours a week on state business when the state is facing an unprecedented $18 billion budget hole? What makes Perry think it’s OK to give $16 million in Texas taxpayer dollars to companies tied to his biggest donors? Texans deserve answers to these questions. Why won’t Gov. Perry answer honestly? We deserve more from our government, Texas. Vote for Bill White for governor. — Jodie, Bedford

The Houston Chronicle, the largest newspaper in Texas, recently summed up Perry’s fears in a cartoon:

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