Bill White won’t live in Part-Time Perry’s fancy rental mansion

One of Bill White’s first moves as governor will be to move out of the expensive rental mansion Part-TIme Perry has charged Texas taxpayers for.

Bill White has promised to spend taxpayer money wisely. “It will start when I move, on the first day that I’m sworn into office, out of that fancy rental mansion into a double-wide trailer,” White said in Tyler yesterday. “Where I come from, fiscal conservatism means you don’t waste money on yourself.”

The Associated Press article notes, “Costs associated with Perry’s spacious rental home, including a now-expired subscription to Food & Wine Magazine, have been the subject of campaign television ads, a spoof Perry rap video on YouTube and plenty of media attention. The house has five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a gourmet kitchen and three dining rooms.”

Texas taxpayers are fed up with paying for Part-Time Perry’s fancy mansion and extravagant lifestyle. Over the years he’s lived in the rental mansion, Perry has cost Texas taxpayers over $600,000 in bills in addition to the cost of rent.

Texans deserve a governor who will be careful with taxpayer money and understands that leadership starts at the top.

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